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Sun, Sep. 28th, 2008, 02:45 pm
Green Party Rally in Halifax

Green Party Rally in Halifax 3
Originally uploaded by William Lachance

Decided to head out to the train station yesterday to see the conclusion of Elizabeth May's whistle stop tour across the country. She gives a pretty good speech: definitely the most forthright and articulate person in Canadian politics these days. If you care about such things, you ought to listen to her appearance on cross country checkup last week.


Yes, this means I'm not voting for the NDP this time around. Maybe I'll consider them again once they start talking seriously about global warming and peak oil. As it is, their focus on "kitchen table issues" (basically a few new proposed social programs) seems like nothing more than politics as usual, a totally inadequate response to the serious problems we're facing. I've been cynical about electoral politics for a long time, but seriously guys, get real.

The crowd was decent (maybe 100?) in spite of the fact that there was virtually no advance publicity for the event. Not being an actual member of the party, I only found out about this through some digging on the Internet. I'll bet anything that with better organization, that number of people present could have been multiplied by 10. Something to think about...

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